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Student life in South Tyrol at the Andrian Residence

Going to university is the start of a completely new chapter in the life of a young student. A fresh start which can be quite disorientating. Lessons, meeting people and doing activities are not the only new experiences which await the student: living itself turns into something wholly new. Finding your bearings at university is hard enough in itself, let alone becoming acquainted with a new city and even a new (or your very own) flat.
That’s why Andrian Residence if perfect for students: just a stone throw’s away from the city centre of Bozen, well served by public transport (15 minutes by bus) and a bike path, which takes you into the city, next to the Residence. You can also make the trip from Bozen by car, driving on the MeBo motorway – Terlan exit, keeping on your left for Andrian.

Tarempory living is a practical solution for flexible people who may not want to sign up for a long-term or yearly rental contract. It is a perfect solution if you want a roof over your head during your studies, internship or any other commitment you may have.
We offer a range of furnished, fully equipped apartments of the highest quality for temporary stays. Your very own place to come back to after a hard day’s work.
Furnished flats are also available for people who have taken on a new job or just need a roof over their head for a while.

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